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Manta A Engine Swap Advice


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Hello guys, first of all I want to make sure that I tell you that I dont know alot about car engines and electronics, while restoring my cars (as hobby) Im mainly busy with body work.

Okey so, next saturday Im buying Manta A 1900  from 1974 and I want to swap engine. I read that everyone goes for the rover V8 3.5L which delivers up to 180bhp, but I disslike that, im looking for an engine that is v6 or v8(if exists) which is 300hp+ and stays between 2.5l to 4.0l

From my old restoration of my ford fastback 1968 I have windsdor 302 210hp 4.7l . So as you see Im looking at balance between horsepower and engine size. Every advice will be appreciated.

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You really only would do a Rover V8 if you were on a really tight budget, there's so many better options out there these days, there really best left in the 90's.

If its a V8 you want my first choice would be the Chev LS1, but because of Kerb weight to Engine CC legalities in Australia I choose he 1UZ-FE Lexus V8 which come in at 4.0 litres and offers 300hp straight out of the box.

It is a physically large engine but all alloy and only 20kg heavier than a CIH

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Its by no means an easy conversion but there's no cutting of bodywork required to fit, although you will need to lower the steering rack and modify the engine crossmember (and sump) if you want it to fit under the bonnet, as well as use a remote brake booster, new engine / gearbox mounts and modified tailshaft.

Fuel economy seems pretty good, it also starts and idles perfectly from stone cold by just standing outside and turning the key

This thing will run a high 13 second quarter mile as it is, and people say to me, well...you could have gone faster if you used A, B or C turbo 4 cylinder engine, and you can, but that would be missing the point, instant lazy torque and 'that noise' is what these are all about ;)

Plenty of good V6 options out there as well ;)


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Don't forget that the A has the antiroll  bar at the back unlike the B, so i think that will all need a change around. A lot of the german cars run the 6 cylinder CIH, not sure what BHP they are putting out. A V6 might be the easier option for the A rather than the V8? Do the chassis rails sit up higher on the A?

Just a few thoughts.


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