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Voltage stabilisers and soldering.


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So two questions:

1) Who can solder wires competently but would never attempt making one?

2) Would you attempt it if it was as simple as dropping 5 components through holes in strip board and soldering 11 joints?  (Because it is, and I'm guessing no one liked my version "in the original case" in Manta Modifications)

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It truly is simple, the only problem I have is getting the can off the original regulator to allow you to put the components inside. Never seems to be enough to grab onto to bend the edges backwards easily. Maybe I need a bigger hammer? :-)

You can get it down to 1-3 components and solder directly on the original pins if you use a 7810 3-pin 10V regulator and (optional) capacitors each side by the way.


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This is true but the old regs were 10v RMS and 10V DC isn't the same, but it is pretty close hence going for adjustable.

inhave even seen those triacs you mention used with nothing else on one persons ascona project. 


My whole thought around this is what do people want?

something soldered to the original board?

something inside the original can?

an easy build ?

or just buy one for a £10 and not bother messing?

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3 minutes ago, mantasrme said:

Got to admit i just but the modern £10 and fit them. For me its the time factor of doing this rather than sourcing the bits and making them myself.

I can appreciate this - for example when I want to knock a nail in I buy a hammer instead of building a forge and growing a tree for handles.

On the other side it's nice to have something to mess with inside where it's warm in winter

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