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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Good luck on the request for an A series GTE, don't see or not heard of many in the UK, but if you don't ask you will never know. Worth checking the European sites for one, probably more chance of finding a Broadspeed Turbo, and they are like rocking horse poo. :ph34r:

It's good to see another person from the southern hemisphere on the site keeping the brand global. :thumbup

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Thanks for replying. I used to live in London and owned one these in 1982/3 - metallic sky blue, a real beaut. Second-hand of course, but the engine was a pig even with a new carb. Had to let it go in the end, but really fancy the idea of owning one again.

Been in New Zealand for 15 years and have never seen one on the road, friends in Aussie are keeping an eye out too. They were sold in Aussie. So I'm putting it out there, who knows....

Cheers. Steve. 

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We didn't get the Manta in GT/E form until 1982 in the UK, the Manta A was either 1600 or 1900 carb engines, essentially in L, SR or Berlinetta trim. There was the Turbo as Robah mentions, they were 1900 carbed engines with a Holset Turbo, but they made less than 30 so they are seriously rare.

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Even if you find a A series on carbs, you could always transplant a B series 2.0 GTE engine in to it, or if you want genuine feel look out for the 1.9 GTE engine. I think someone on the forum as a genuine 1.9 GTE engine in an imported B series GTE, (it was the early pre facelift type chrome/plastic? bumper style car). He is looking at swapping the engine on that.

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26 minutes ago, Hart said:

Here is my Opel Manta story:


Hope you enjoy it.

Nice story and history of your Opel life, my 1st car was a Vauxhall Cavalier coupe back in 1988/89 then I bought my mates B series SR berlinetta in 1990.

Hope you find a good car to export hopefully there are plenty of A series owners who will be willing to assist in looking at one for you if in their area.


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Thanks for the reply, more than happy for it to be on your blog, it's not my photo anyway. I think I've worked out where it was taken by following the Google link. It was at a Retro Rides pub meet at the Angel in Larling, Norfolk, probably around 2005.

It looks a bit different today.

Manta A bare metal.jpg

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Can't beat the A for looks.

In 1970 when the Manta A was laurched at the Geneva motor Show, I was 9 years old. I feel in love with the looks and deceied I would have one, one day.

That day arrived in 1984, when I bourght SAT 350N a red 1600.


In 1997 I hit oil on a roundabout and she was no more. I bourght the car back from the insurance company, and set about looking for a replacement shell.

YDF 750K was purchased, She needed some work, but by using SAT. for parts, it was put back on the road.

I still own YDF. and she has just under gone a full restorasion.



I do know of an A series that is for sale, but the seller thinks it is worth far too much. She is also very hard to deal with.

I saw the car about 18 months ago and it did look quite solid, would need a respray. has 5 speed gear box & 2.0l injection engine. But as it has now been stood for 18 months ( it was on grass when saw it) who knows what the underside is like now.

I offered £2000 and got turned down, was told she had been offered £5000. And yet she still has the car and I know she also turned down an offer of £2500 a few months ago.



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Hi. That's a fine looking example of a great car. Congrats on the work you have done.

Perhaps you can PM or email me the lady's details and I'll contact her. Shame to hear of her car just rotting away when it could be enjoying the sunshine in New Zealand.

Thanks for sharing.


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18 minutes ago, GTREA said:

Mantas of any variety were never sold here.

Having said that i have seen a few A's pop up on ebay locally over the years but very...very rarely.


I was looking at GM's Aussie website and it features the Manta.



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