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Abandoned A series NW Scotland

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Brave projects there lads. But as cars are getting rarer , I get it . I got a cavalier 2 door saloon at the moment that really should be scrapped .........but ascona 400 replica or the chance off, despite the amount of work I am going to have to do and the amount of things that could go against me on the way . I will soldier on ........... Shug I  potentially know of 2 manta A s , one in Aberdeen that has been pictured on this forum also I spotted a manta A near Duffus IV 30 postcode. That's a few years ago now , 4 or 5 ........

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Had a good look at this on monday, and chatted with the owner.

Its an odd car. The front end pretty much needs replaced. The inner and outer sills are shot, are as some floor panels, the jacking points and the upper inner wings are toast. rear valance has gone.

I call it an odd car because the chassis legs look fine! Swan necks are perfectly solid (at least on drivers side, couldn't see passenger ones)

Lot of welding, but with a solid chassis it should see the road again.

Owner will be restoring it, and I passed on the club website to him so hopefully he'll pop up :)

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