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1.6xe to Getrag240 info needed


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Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of help. I have an Opel GT with a seized 1.9 cih engine I'm considering turning into a track toy and my engine of choice is possibly a C1.6XE small block from 1998 to I'm not sure when. I don't have one but it's easily obtained. Does anyone know if it will bolt to a Getrag240 gearbox from the 1.8 Manta? I thought someone on here has at least looked at it even if they haven't tried the installation.

I appreciate how much easier it would be to fit a C2.0XE but as it's a track toy and how much more difficult they are now to get, I'm not considering this option. Also the GT is quite a light car and the 1.6XE tuning scene is good. With the right budget are good for about 245BHP, but not a level I'm considering.

Thanks in advance for any help given

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A big thanks rutts. I have spent the last day reading all I can on the RX8 6 speed box. A lot of good reading here. I have never considered it before but it does get me salivating a bit. Bellhousing seems to be available and the Ford type 9 prop only needs a little modification to fit the RX8 box. I will just need to also get it shortened to fit the GT. I have just got myself a running 2001 1.6 Vectra and hope to collect it next week. The box I might have by then too.

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