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Two types of Braking Calipers, one singel type of Braking Plate Size - Manta B


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good morning mates,
There are Two types of Braking Calipers in Manta second Generation, they both compatible with same size of single Braking Plate. 
One Type is with two Pistons, and the other is whit single piston (latest I think).

The padding\friction area is larger in the single piston caliper, but on the other hand, the strength and the division of opposition on the both sides on the braking plate (friction area smaller) in favor of the second  caliper type..

Is friction area more useful or a corresponding resistance distribution pressure more significant ?

Thanks in advance, and I would be happy to hear logically why the manufacturer preferred to replace it during the production years of the model..

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Hi Aditi

You would of got a faster response using the facebook group. The forum is dying due to it though.

Twin pistons better than one. that's why even faster cars have 4 pots.

They changed to single pot from twin pot as single pot is cheaper



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