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f reg exclusive coupe Monaco blue


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Hi, I am considering selling my f reg coupe which is an older bare metal photographic restoration by a well known club member. I took it off the road a while back because a fuel line perished and was leaking. I lost interest and moved onto kitcars. This was a former concourse trophy winning car. It now needs a small amount of work to sunroof, door bottoms and little bits here and there, it shouldn't need anything structural or welding IMO, but obviously check the car over yourself. It is located in Crewe Cheshire. One rear wheel is currently locked on from handbrake being left on slightly. I'm not sure on value, but rules are rules so let's say £7000 and you can haggle me down from there. Some rare bits to go with the car such as autoplas rear vusor, evolution spoiler some spares. You can text me on 077511430290 if need questions.













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Here's the two pics you've linked to, couldn't work out how to embed the Imgur one so I downloaded it and dragged it into the post. I hope you don't mind. To embed from IBB click on embed codes, then copy the BB code for Full Image (linked) and paste it in the post.



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If it was mine I would ry with 5th blue injector wire disconnected or fuel pipe to it clamped.  And also check the aux air valve is closing but that usually causes runaway RPM


Oh and lean on then lift the plenum to check for loose

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