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rear axle 400r

peter evans

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hi guys

just bought a manta 400r unfinished project rolling shell 

car was a 4 speed what i need to know is the axle casing the same as a 5 speed can i have a lsd fitted in place of the original diff

Also whats the disc conversion set up what discs and calipers do i need and where t get handbrake cable?

 ill probably have more questions as the build comes along

thanks peter


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Axle should be the same, assuming its the original from the car and the car was a 1600 or larger engine. If so you can get an LSD fitted, just remember there are 2 different types of diff one for the 3:44 ratio and one for the 3.67 or 3.9 ratios.

I've just finished a disc brake kit that will be available for sale very soon using mk4 astra calipers and discs

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