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New manta GTE owner


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Almost always the answer is no.  May have been a rare option (they were on Kadett C) but I really don't know.


With both back wheels in the air, handbrake off and car in gear (engine off of course) if you spin one wheel as if the car I going forward and the other rotates as if driving backwards it's just a diff not an LSD

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 preload usually takes care of that, in which case out of gear. Or manually turn the prop while some one applies resistance to a wheel.

Want to be any surer just have a look through the filler hole or drop the cover.


The opel workshop test for the factory Kadett LSD was to suspend 150KG IIRC from a rope wound around a rim and put a torque wrench on the other hub and measure the torque to lift the weight.

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