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Car paint sealants / protectors


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I was just wondering if any of you, have used these types of sealants, protectors. Have searched and come up with various products

Have just clay blocked, machined polished and waxed the Manta, but wish to put some form of long lasting sealant on?

Any info thoughts much appreciated.



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Hi ya pal.

The polish that I use on my manta and daily runner is called.

COLONITE. Its a paste rather than a liquid. 

It seals your paint and acts the same as diamond brighting.

One application does 12 months but if you put two or three on your laughing. 

You can even apply it to your wheels. 

If you do use this polish just make sure there's no stains or water marks as this stuff will seal them in to your paint work.

It really is very good polish.

It costs about 20.00 for a tin off ebay. 

Just apply it with a damp foam applicator, let it dry.

Wipe off 

Then enjoy the shine with a couple of cold beers.

I hope that this helps you out.

Take care and good luck. 

Cheers stuart. 



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Hi Stuart,

One I had not heard of, old fashioned company too, might just give this one a try, I recently painted ours in RED, so would like to keep that way :D

Spent a lot of time getting it right, don't want to waste it,

many thanks.




Wet flat, machined, Ta Da.






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Hi ya buddy. 

I just wanted to let you know that the polish I recommended was 



you can get it on ebay.



A couple of coats a year will keep all your hard work looking as good as the day it was painted. 

plus you can put it on your wheels and it stops the brake dust damaging the paited section of the wheel and it makes them easier to clean. 


I hope that this helps you out.


Cheers Big stu. 

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