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Ebay: 79 Cavalier Sportshatch1600 GLS

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My old car, i sold it for 1200 quid back in oct 2015, had minor bubbles in the front wings and rear arches were bubbling, worse on the drivers side and it needed a clutch as it juddered very badly when hot.

Guy i bought it from had it for 10 years, i only kept it for about 4 months, looked nice from about 10 foot its obviously had bodywork since i sold it.

20150711_135133 (1).jpeg


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That's heavy money for it, would need to have been properly sorted for that money & I don't mean a rub down, filler & touch up, I mean rear arch repair panels fitted etc.

Think it would need a real good inspection of the areas that were bubbling.

I only say this as I had a couple of really tiny bubbles on my rear arches but went the whole hog to ensure they were not going to reappear in a years time, I tell ya it wasn't cheap.

I suppose the colour is a question of choice, personally I quite like it.

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13 hours ago, Rapierdave said:

It's a nice car that's probably worth £3k tops in today's market. 

Wait and see! :) It certainly won't go for the £6500 'Buy it now' price!

I noticed it initially failed it's MOT last month: Offside Rear Outer Body or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings sill (6.1.B.2)

On the plus side, it does have the black velour interior which is probably the best colour.

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