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3 hours ago, nickincrete said:

yes but it ,2.2, actually has very narrow castings. smaller than every fi manifold fitted to an opel, the 2.0 one is better and can be made to fit, for my opel gt i have used a 3.0 6 cylinder manifold cut down and welded and this gives the highest flow.

Which is ok depending on what injection you are using, and throttle and airflow meter, and if tuned appropriately

If the narrow runners can feed the 2.2 which IIRC has bigger valves then it may be a better design, depends on the CFM it can shift and if matched to the head.


Additionally if narrower runners can supply the CFM, then they are adequate and come with the benefit of higher airspeed at low RPM which gives better torque and pickup

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It does but i would use a modded 2.0 unit. Guy i used to know use a 2.2 with injection for oval racing. He had his own rolling road so could play around with settings/etc. He reckoned using the 2.0 injection bit gained about 7 bhp over the 2.2 setup.

You have to remember the 2.2 was setup as an economy engine, not a power motor!



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