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chassis legs at VBOA Meeting 8.-9. july

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at next weekend i will visit the VBOA Meeting at Market Harborough.

There i offer some new chassis legs (my production) for sale.

Some members of the Opel Mantas Owners Club in the UK have bought chassis legs from me and all seem very happy.

Here some pictures of the parts.

3 pairs left/right side for Manta/Ascona B with inner reinforcement:


3 pairs left/right side for Manta/Ascona A in different versions with inner reinforcement.




This is my Manta with the trailer i will come:



One possibility to pay the parts is changing against other parts from Manta-A or Ascona-B.

So i'm looking for new front inner wings for Manta-A and new doors for Ascona-B (2-door).


Best Regards

Eckhard from germany



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On 06/10/2020 at 18:54, Fjz400. said:

Yep top guy had three pairs of him just the other week arrived a few days after paying and look better than the original gm legs I've got  

I bought a set of Erkhard's chassis legs in 2017 . Excellent piece of kit and as said above  , far better than the original. 💪

Well impressed with them and certainly chuffed to save my Coupe  👍

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I have an original nos pair full length rails/top cover plates, but might use the short section ones at bottom of the photograph to save cutting my originals..


ps assume the shorter legs also come with the heavier metal insert (red oxide) too.

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