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New to the Opel world


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Hey there, I've been a car enthusiast for years now (mainly old bmws) and have recently decided to branch out. I'm located in the U.S, California to be more precise. Anyway I've always loved the look of the Opel Manta and have started looking into purchasing one. I guess I have a few questions; first, are parts still readily available for these cars? I'm looking at 1972 Manta Rallye (manual). Are there performance shops that sell parts for the manta? What are common motor swaps for these cars? When purchasing a Manta what are typical issues to look for? Common rust spots? Bushings, hardware or components that are notorious for failing? 

Ideally id like to have a fun backroads car. Upgraded suspension, brakes and some more horsepower than your stock Manta. Something comparable to my 69' 02: bigger pistons, bigger cam, bigger carb, headers, full coilovers, with adjustable camber caster, adjustable shocks, 22mm sways, bigger brakes, 5spd, LSD etc. 

any info helps!



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Hey Max

Good choice of Manta :-)

Lots of help as Nick says on the Opel gt site for engine mods etc..

Lots of parts available in Germany for them, when looking at bushing, bearings etc..

and for performance loads of options from standard CIH engine to the Vauxhall 16v, v6, v8 or other options. I suppose it depends on what you can do over there emissions wise etc..

I would find a 2.0L CIH and take it to the local engine shop and get bored out with some nice pistons, race cam, twin carbs. Lots of fun to drive, easy to modify, and quite cheap. Just my thoughts and i have a few links on my blog for parts etc.. and if you need any more help just post as im sure you will get lots of options as the bet way to go :-)


a couple not on my site yet.






Oh and rust. 

Spare wheel, battery tray, sils, back quarters, jacking point and floor area, front wing right up inside the pointed end, light surrounds, rear seatbelt mounts. Probably the same places as the BMW's if you were looking at the older ones. Most stuff easy to fix and some repair panels, but out in the US you should be able to pick up one reasonably rust free one. You will struggle on chrome trim and interior for them as not much of that re-made.



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