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c20xe qed dth throttle bodies

Denis K

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Hello everyone,

I am going fitting qed direct to head throttle bodies to my c20xe manta

I am in the process of ordering them at the moment but I'm not sure what size trumpets and air filter I should get as regards clearance with the bulkhead and servo

Has anyone here fitted these throttle bodies to an xe'd manta?

If yes could you tell me what clearance there is and what airfilter/ trumpet setup did you use?

Also would fitting a smaller servo from a polo help with clearance?

Ideally I want to fit a sausage filter but I know they take up a lot of room and might not be possible.

Any info would be great.



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IMG-20170830-WA0029.thumb.jpeg.dcede43dd032ffe96a67ed5750baaa01.jpegHi Denis,

Just XE'd my coupe... with Jenveys. 

I was originally toying with the idea of fitting GSXR bike throttle bodies. They fitted, not a problem... similar internal diameter, but my rolling road tuner suggested to ditch them. 

I then removed the Jenveys from another project, but then started to find I was out of space. There are two inlet manifolds available. Straight out and curved to level for inclined mounted engines. I originally had the later. The trumpets are very short made contact with the servo and clutch cable. I then ordered the straight manifold. This allowed the throttle bodies and trumpets to clear, with air socks fitted.

I believe the direct fitment throttle bodies should allow longer trumpets. It wasn't until later I discovered that the smaller polo servo is part of the conversion but hey ho!!

The conversion is a success. The engine achieved 179bhp on a standard engine. Word of advice, ditch the Vauxhall coilpack and fit a ford one.



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