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Manta B roof rust


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Hi guys 

I found a lot of rust pitting under the old vinyl roof plus about 6 small holes . 

Could the rust be treated to prevent it coming back and the holes mig welded to give a satisfactory repair on the basis that it will be painted and  covered with a new vinyl roof or is a new roof the only option ? 

So many rust treatment options but not sure on how long they last . 

Structurally and  still sound but always like to  cut rust out . As it's a major job doing a roof would you treat and mig only or will it come back straight back . 

Not sure whether it could be leaded or brazed over . 

Any advice 

thanks David 


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Start reading about using jenolite or deox with cling film

You will also find people making their own with citric acid and wallpaper paste etc

a good few treatments then maybe POR


soesnit have a sunroof ? If so the holes may have come inside out so look inside for foam stuck to roof


finally mig can distort but lead loading better but still could. In the past I have drilled holes backnto solid edges and araldited old copper coins on the inside and files the hole in the outside with it and sanded down. If your metal is clean that works and has no heat or kead that you cannot power sand without serious health risks (large single cut file only and catch the bits)

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