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'74 Manta (Hedda)

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Hello all...glad I found this site. Been looking for more Opel heads out there. I live in St.Paul, MN and I have owned a 1974 Opel Manta Luxus (Hedda) for the past five or so years. A very good friend of mine had it for ten years prior and had found it south of Chicago in an environmentally controlled garage where it had sat for 20 years. Very little rust and only superficial surface if any. The automatic transmission was hatched when he found it and he dropped a four speed rebuilt into it. I have since updated some of the ignition as well as performed a two barrel weber conversion.

I was told by my friend that he "thinks" there were in-line 6 cyl. options marketed in europe and that there is a V6 by GM that would mate up to my transmission. I am having difficulty finding out which engine it is that would fit. Does anyone here know of such an engine? Any info would be of great help.


Thanks and I look forward to reading up on more topics here.

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If we assume you have a 1.6 or 1.9 CIH engine, there was a TE2800 (2.8 straight 6 CIH)

The 6 cylinder CIH is just the 4 cylinder block stretched and fits the same gearboxes.  The 3.0 24 valve is the best evolution of that engine barring the Irmscher lumps.

(the 24 valve has a different number of flywheel bolts to the rest, so the easy option ss a 12V at 180BHP instead of 220BHP

You may find some of these engines in Buicks.The V6 mentioned was sold in the US in an Omega rebadged as a Buick IIRC, but you will need a different box


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