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2.4 thermostat


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for a start, what car is it

i used the older, 1.9, more simple thermostat on my opel gt with 2.4 head. however you can buy or make, i made, a plate to go behind the thermostat in order to bring it forward as the fi gets in the way. 

this is an adaptor, 


Too pricey for me so I made mine similar to this plate but if I remember it had a different no. and position of the mounting holes.

This is prob as im using a cut down 6 cylinder inlet manifold and not a 2.4 or 2.0, 1.9 one.


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Lots of places to get the adaptor but as Nick says they can be expensive. The inlet on the 2.4 is smaller than the 2.0L. I just cut the bottom off the 2.4 and had it ally welded up, i hope it works ok :-)

see these places as well





Shout if you need a gasket as i had to buy a pack of 10 as they didn't do them on their own :-)

Any other 2.4 questions just ask, like rings, bearings etc.. Have you checked the engine? as the pistons wear quite bad in the 2.4 on high mileage and the skirts can crack!





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Sorry mate, been completely snowed with work. Just did a quick quote as managed to borrow some scales to weigh the whole lot and its about £10. It might go up a little once i add extra insurance as most only cover £25 as standard and i think its worth putting that up. I can do you a proper quote before i send it.

I was surprised as it feels bloody heavy but it was only 19kg!


Let me know when you are ready for it.


I have the thermostat cut off, welded up and then the local wheel place powder coated it for me, looks nice on the car :-)


Sorry Nick, that one is already on mine. Do you need the one with the pickup locator on it? as i have a spare but i dont think its got the pickup bit on it. I can double check.



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Sounds like you getting far more done than me :-) Plumbing has taken over my life at the moment! but i hope to get back on with the car in the next couple of weeks.

Just let me know when you are ready for the clutch and if you need any help when you get to the engine just give me a shout.



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