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Ebay: 87D GTE Auto Hatch in silver

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Sorry to say Philip but as somebody who restores and sells Mantas and parts they are worth mega money now Mantas. Most i know of are selling under the radar and others are made to order. We have just seen a soft top exclusive sell for 8k! a blue mk1 Cav is on facebook for 10k! I know of an Exclusive coupe that sold for 10k last month! so prices are great. My two i will have done soon will be a 10k coupe and a 5k hatch. 

What are harder to sell are hatchbacks with a poor spec such as auto boxes, rotten to the core or horrid interiors. But even they go in the end. 

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Danny is right - any sort of Manta is making good money now. Just look at the '85 GT/E Hatch on eBay at the moment. It has got to £10k already and not made its reserve. It is the other end of the spectrum to this one I know but goes to show what a properly sorted car is worth to the right person. I know if I had room, I would be putting in an offer for that one.

Auto hatch less desirable but as Dan says, they all go in the end. Getting rare to find now and people will take on resto jobs that would have been turned down a few years back. Converting to manual is also a doddle and shouldn't be that hard to find all the second hand parts if you want to take it away from standard.

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By lad this one is doing its rounds, cheaper scrapping for parts, then advertising it so many times . There must be sommit up wifff it 👀


If anybody is interested there is a classic car show advertised up here in maccum land if anybody won't s to come up to Sunderland to show off this bank holiday weekend, pm me for details or 3 day event.

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