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Centaur pics, info, owners etc


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I will take some underneath referance pictures  because you are right, it has never been welded. 

Its got some bubbles of rust in the doors and tops of the rear quarters but its straight and generally feels like a nice car.

Its very well behaved in terms of engine and box, it starts perfectly and shifts well, apart from the leaks it had i would say its a lovely car.

You get a feel for the cars you work on and this one responded well to the spanners and did not give grief.

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I'm not sure how many there are left that are unmolested, I think even number 25 has had some work done over the years, it would certainly be handy to have some pictures and measurement to add to the knowledge base. Mine will be going into the workshop this winter so I can get plenty of pictures of the hood area and the wells behind the B pillar.

I must say out of all the old cars I've had the Cavalier seems to be the best behaved, all my niggles have been down to components ageing and switchgear seizing, it's given me less grief than my 2012 Insignia :(

The only mechanical issues I have besides the usual seeping gaskets is a noisy diff and I think the cam chain tensioner is on it's way out as there's a bit of slap at 4k+

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On 23/05/2021 at 14:50, CAVALIERCOUPE said:

Has anyone got pictures of how the roof attaches at the back and what was attached in the rear gutter where I gather it was just press studied down thanks

There's a strip of timber screwed into the recess the screen rubber sat, the hood is then stapled to that and then the finishing trim is stapled over the top of that, I'll have a sort through my pictures where I have removed mine if you want. 

On 08/10/2021 at 10:56, Katfish said:

We have number 69 CYN220V

Have you got any upto date pictures, I've got only got this one

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