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E reg Manta GT/E Coupe A34 26-9-2017

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 A friend went to Southampton to Borrow an Opel Monza for a European navigation rally ( well he did originally save it from a field in Oxfordshire !) coming back along the A34 somewhere south of Newbury he caught up a White E reg Manta GT/E Coupe so decided to stick behind it for a while, which turned out to be all the way to the last exit before the M40 beyond Oxford !! This Coupe looked good but not pristine, it had black paint on the lower rear quarters presumably where welding had been done. The Monza he was in was also white, this must have looked amazing, a white Manta followed by a white Monza, the chances of this happening when they're not going to a car show etc is probably lower than winning the lottery these days.

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