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Staggered 16" BBS reps 9"+8"


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Selling as I've got my new revolutions on now:D

Bought these brand new last year so in very good condition apart from a bit of minor kerbing on one back wheel due to some careless bugger not paying attention, can only be noticed if studying the wheel up close.

Multifit 4x100 and 4x108

2x 16x8 et 25 with Toyo Snowprox 195/45x16 approx 4-5mm

2x 16x9 et 20 with Kumho 215/45x16 approx 3-4mm

I'd like to see £350 for them, offered on here first before anywhere else as I'd prefer to see them going on another Manta rather than a mk2 Golf! 

Postage will be around £60 





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3 hours ago, opel2000 said:

Seriously, I would have them in a shot, If I had seen these earlier the cash would be in your pocket right now.

If sale falls through I will send cash at the drop of a hat Guaranteed..


Will do Clive :thumbup


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Biffy 1984.......

Just got off of the phone to the person who bought these off of you....... What a brilliant sale... these were what I wanted for that car when I built it but simply were not around at the time.

What a small world, and what an excellent sale. 


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