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Ascona b Diff.


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Hi Folks.

My Ascona is originally a 1.6 car and the pinion bearing went and on changing it the pinion was damaged.

I replaced the pinion and crown wheel with a 3.44 from a Manta and the end of the pinuon has snapped trying to take up the play in the shaft for preload.

Is my diff different to that of a Manta is the question im asking?? 

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My 1.6 Ascona B had a smaller axle on it than the Manta ones. I swapped the whole lot for an 1800 Manta one, then built a ZF diff into it. I had to borrow a tool called a Torsionmeter to set that preload and bought a new crush washer from Dr Manta. You need to make a special spanner out of a spare torque tube driveshaft too.

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