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Engine bay tidy up


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It depends on what you want to achieve ?

concours or mint ?

looking at it you need to remove all the parts you can and get rid of the overspray red paint 

airflow to inlet needs an original pipe. 

Most of the original parts are black or silver so take them off and clean and paint or polish or plate. 

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A thorough job will require the ancillaries taking off so as your left with a bare engine, you can clean and paint this in situ, ( this is easier with the engine out but taking this out is a lot bother in itself ) The inner wings, nose cone and rear areas of engine bay being finnished in body colour are more difficult, unless it is getting scabby with rust its perhaps best to just clean and polish the painted area as best as possible.

 Parts can be clean and polished / painted as appropiate before refitting, some things can be an awkard problem, like the servo, this is held in place by four nuts at the top of the brake pedal and the master cylinder and its associated pipework is bolted to it, yet a crusty servo will let down any engine bay. The Plenum ( GT/E ) or inlet manifold ( carb equiped Mantas ) gets dirty and tarnished and are difficult to polish being a rough cast finnish, these also get dirty very quickly after an engines is put back together.

 Anything that is painted black by Opel can be sprayed in Hammerite smooth black from a rattle can, parts like the cam cover on cam-in-head engines, This paint can stand engine heat and goes directly on without primer and comes out ( after a few layers ) with a finnish very close to the original Opel semi-gloss black.

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7 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

Best to strip as much off the inner wings etc. Degrease the block and parts. paint up and clean as its hard to detail when its all built up in the car.

Can you imagine doing a job like that on a modern day car, it would be a nightmare, but there will never be many who will have to attempt it, cos how many of todays cars will live for 40 odd years anyway!!

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On 16/10/2017 at 00:23, MANTAMAN said:

( this is easier with the engine out but taking this out is a lot bother in itself )



Not too much bother, I find the quickest and easiest way to remove the engine, is to remove the whole front cross member with engine and box in one.

Normaly takes about 2 hours, and will then give good access to tidy up the engine and sub frame.





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On 17/10/2017 at 08:55, Thebishop said:

Anyone got an original air box to inlet pipe or know of where to get one pls.

There’s a company called classic silicone hoses ( or simillar) that can do hoses for Mantas as well as making bespoke pieces. Got a set off them no so long ago and was decent quality and fitment. 

Give them a shout - sorry can’t open your pic to see which you want but there’s a pic on the link of the “ standard “ Manta ones they do. 


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