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Polar White and Rust - a restoration epic, can it even be done?

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back in the day when you could buy vynil roof kits the vynil always came folded flat and had bad creases once opened.once fitted to car the creases dissapeared after a while as it settled. 

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I know what you mean Chris, but perhaps the difference was/is that you also used adhesive on the roof?

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8 hours ago, Jonathan Pounsett said:

How did the roof lining turn out? Were you happy with the results? I’m struggling to find a supplier and may have to make my own. 


I haven't even started it yet Jonathan - too many other things have got in the way recently.

The car is in regular use though, and although there have been one or two small issues (a perished vacuum line and a  leaking radiator), it has performed well.

I think that I will use it throughout the Summer and Autumn, then take a look at the headliner when the weather turns cold and wet.

Take care everyone.

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my vinyl roof was made from "off the roll" by a trimmer.he was going to make it a one piece affair but i insisted he put the 2 lengthways joints in it as original.also did the interior lining too.

was a very good and straightforward job .i just dropped the car off one friday night and took the screens out for him and if i remember correctly it was ready 2 weeks later .

sadly that trimmer has retired now but he did all that for £250 but it was back in late 90's

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