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OMOC Calendars 2018

Irmscher Man

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I'll have another one please, if you have one to spare Paul, send me a PayPal invoice, as I didn't make a note of your address. After Christmas will do if you'r to busy!


P M, sent.


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Nothing yet ! Please tell me news.I am waiting for  many days ! Having paid for 3 + Postage to Greece , i hope that these Calendars are on their way.

Any tracking number ????
PLEASE Its about a month waiting ...


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Hi Dimitri,

Sorry, I thought I had replied to your last email.  I posted the three calendars off to Athens, as per your instructions on the 16th December and they still have not arrived. 

I am in thw process of packing to move house at the moment, so I have had to close the club shop as all of the merchandise is in storage and I do not have any spare time to pack and send anything out, so apologies to anyone that is waiting to order items.

i have checked with the post service and they cannot find where the package went missing as it was dispatched from the UK  

I will arrange for a refund  for you as that is probably all that can be done now I’m afraid. Sincere apologies. I should be able to claim back the cost from the post office, which is good as I funded this project myself.




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Please sent me the Tracking number ! I will try to trace them here from the local post office.
Then, if i cannot find them i will accept the full refund.
Believe me one is for me and the 2 other are gifts for my two close friends, so i better have the calendars than the money.

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