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Cavalier Sports Hatch - Essex


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 Bought by me, last Saturday. I couldn't resist her 2 owners, last one since 1984. Elderly gent of 94. 

As original as they come matched number plate and dealer sticker and tax disc holder from macs garage Rayleigh which was one of the local vauxhall /opel dealers that unfortunately had a plane crash into it 1987 sadly killing the pilot. 

Yes there's a few dents and dings but for 37 years old is more solid than my manta! I've had her up on the mot ramp at work and only little bit of welding been done is on the bottom of the Swan necks. I even got a full tank of fuel and a nice box of tools in the boot.. This one shall be a keeper and eventually the perfect stablemate for my manta gt/e. Perfect one vauxhall one opel both auto. 

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2 hours ago, Monaco Blue said:

That sounds like a decent purchase! Nice looking car in Sapphire Blue. 

All you need now to complete the set is a Calibra auto! :)


I'd like that as I had a calibra once, not an auto though. Absolutely loved it and if there's a car you wish you hadn't sold  then this was the one  for me. Only thing I hated and got rid of was that awful v grille badge thing. 

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