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Show me your spark please :)


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As I'm having trouble starting my Cavalier Coupe after its minor engine rebuild, I need your help please.

I have now convinced myself that despite a lot of cleaning that my entire HT an LT ignition components are pretty useless as they only develop a pretty lame Orange spark. I was assuming that I would/should get a nice fat, Blue/White spark?

To confirm my suspicions, could somebody with a points and carb set up post a link to the spark they get?

All help with this appreciated.


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sometimes after working on and seeing ht sparks from electronic ignitions we are surprised by the spark we get from a conventional points systems.i went to my mates viva the other week that wouldnt even try to start. i checked the spark and thought blimey ive found the fault.it was weak and orange.so replaced the points and then the condenser.no better.changed the coil.no better.checked coil supply,all ok at about 7 volts and 9 ish on cranking.he said he had changed the carb diapragm recently so i checked and the piston was not lifting due to the cover not being seated correctly.refitted and car started first turn.no issues since. so i was fooled into thinking the spark was weak but it was actually ok.if i were you i would do the basic checks over again for static ignition timing etc ( distributor is not 180deg out ?). usual stuff.

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Thanks for your reply CIH, greatly appreciated.

My car is now running and turned out to be exactly as you describe! - so 10/10 to you.

Apologies I should probably have updated this thread, but the details can be found in my project thread.

Thanks again matey.

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sorry about that.didnt read the project thread just came on and read ‘new content’.glad its running now.being only a online member albeit a fair few years i can only answer certain items and not view any of your pictures. so dont know too much detail about your cav. ive had mine since 1987 and have done virtually every conceivable thing they have eventually needed over the years.great cars and you sound like you are addicted as much as me .usually doing something to them every day in a program of contant maintenance and improvement.anything you need to know im sure myself or any other members should be able to help you out. i still visit this site regularly but have found over the past year or so that it has quietened down a bit.some people say its due to facebook but im not on any of that new fangled stuff!..all the best .

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