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opel gt in crete


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I have an Opel Gt in Crete Greece that I am currently restoring.
Unfortunately I think I have to sell it as I am possibly moving to Nicagua next year to start a boat diving business,
I am about to get it painted in 2 pack Porsche red a dark metallic.
I could possibly paint it any colour that you would want if you decide to buy it but I have allready bought quality 2 pack paint.
I imported it in to England from Dallas as I wanted a rust free car.
It only needed new front floors that I got from Denmark and had fitted.
It is 100 percent rust free and the doors and all wheel arches are perfect.
There is a little bit of filler in the rear top panel but this was only done to get a perfect shape.
It has new alloy wheels and tyres they are 15 and the rear has  225 tyres on 9 inch wide and the front has 205 tyres on 8 inch wide.
The suspension bushes have all been replaced with poly
the shocks are adjustable for damping.
The front breaks are 4 pot volvo with vented drilled and slotted discs.
The front suspension has been updated to coil overs that are adjustable for height.
The steering rack is rebuilt and it has electric power steering.
The alternator is new and 105 amps. New wiring loom. It has a new ali radiator.

The engine is a 1.9 converted to 2.2 by changing the crank and fitting cosworth pistons and ford transit rods all balanced. It has a 2.4 head rebuilt.
It has a new fast road camshaft. It has all new bearings. The dizzy has been deleted as it has been converted to fuel injection with a 3.0 cut down inlet manifold, 2.4 crank wheel and new fuel pressure regulator. It has the Opel ali cam cover mildly polished. It has a oil cooler and thermostat.
2.4 exhaust manifold with a new lambda sensor.
The fuel injection is controlled by megasquirt 2 ecu.
It has 2 fuel pumps and a small ali tank to counteract any fuel sloshing in the main tank
it has a new oil pump and cam chain tensioners with adjustable cam wheel.
It has a new large clutch.
It has been converted to a 5 speed gearbox.
The interior is all new with a recovered dash and new carpets with sound proofing. The instruments are mph and all working except the clock.
The heater works. It has electric door windows and new door panels.
It has leather seats that are origional seats recovered by covers supplied by susselbeek in germany. These are not new but 99 percent good. No tears or holes. Slight shrinkage due to the sun. New head lining.
New headlights and good standard indicators and break lights.
The bumpers are Ok but could do with a rechrome or you can buy a stainless set. The sills and doors have been waxoiled. The windscreen has some clouding around the edges and you can get new screens from germany but they wont transport to Greece. I have checked and they will send to UK. They are about 150 quid.

What else can I say I will answer any questions but as you can see it pretty much has a perfect rust free body and all the upgrades to everything that is possible to modernise this classic car. I have owned it for over 15 years and have been building it up and collecting parts worldwide all this time. 

It is fully regestered in the UK with a UK numberplate and all duties and taxes paid. It has no Mot as its in Greece.
I can get it transported to Peterborough by Nomad International Crete express service.
I am open to offers but would like offers over 10 grand plus transport cost of around a grand. If you look at these prices you see it is a bargin but it needs to be sold.
It is going to be a couple of months to get it repainted and rebuilt with the parts mentioned above.
I would prefer to show photos after it has been repainted.
Please comment on the price but I think its pretty fair.
Thanks Nick

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