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Mechanical fuel pump gaskets


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Whilst reviewing the fuel section of my Haynes manual, I noticed that it says that there is supposed to be a thick (asbestos?) gasket between the pump body and the block.

My car doesn’t have this and when I refitted the pump earlier I simply used a smear of instant gasket.

So now I have questions for the experts here:

- is the thick gasket essential?

- are there also paper gaskets either side of it?

- what thickness is the thick and paper gaskets?

- does the thick gasket mean that the pump shaft/spindle movement is restricted to a certain dimension?

- were the gaskets done away with on certain models/ages?

- what damage might occur if I take no further remedial action?

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Panic over, there is actually no problem here at all.

I stripped the pump back off again this morning only to discover the thick spacer and two paper gaskets stock to the face of the block.

Made a couple of new gaskets and assembled everything again so I am officially back to 'factory spec' - that's about the only part of the car that is at the moment lol.

Moderators, you are free to delete this thread if you like.

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Why?? Do you think that it's only you that do things like that?  I can remember replacing a rear road wheel, and thinking " these studs look a bit long" soon fixed it though, I pulled the wheel off and put the brake drum on!!!!  Who is perfect?  NO ONE. Any one else willing to admit anything?

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