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Too many silencers?


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How many silencers should my Cavalier Coupe automatic have?

While crawling around underneath, I noticed that mine had three...

One is adjacent to the gearbox, the next one is central (the normal position), then the ‘cherry bomb’ at the end/back.

Could this be creating too much back pressure, stopping my car from starting - see my project thread.

Perhaps one or more of these has collapsed internally?

Thoughts and comments welcomed.

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Thoughts please guys.

If I replace my triple silencer system with the more 'common' dual silencer system (middle and end), am I going to experience any difficulties in the fitting or function?

Thanks in advance.

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hi ian.fitting and function will be the same albeit slightly noisier.to be honest finding a 1.6 front pipe will be harder than a 2.0 one anyway. vl239 is the number. depending on what you can find and if youre handy with the grinder and welder it shouldnt be too difficult.saloons and coupes are similar but if you end up with hatchback middle and rear be prepared for some cutting and re joining.! all part of the fun mate !

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Thanks lads, as always your input is greatly appreciated.

I plan on taking a good look at the complete system this weekend to find out just how much of it is scrap. I suspect all of it, so at least I will now have a few options.

Thanks again.

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3 hours ago, ®evo03 said:


How cool is this!

U might like this better!





Yes, that is very cool.

Many thanks for posting that.

Would you mind disclosing where you found that diagram, if it’s from a company offering the exhaust I have it would be useful to have their details.

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