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Front brake caliper tips needed please


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Hi all,

It seems that my Cav Coupe has been retrofitted with a pair of non-standard front calipers.

I discovered this while messing around with both passenger side brake assemblies this morning - see my project thread for more details...

Browsing eBay, I think I have identified that the ones I have are Manta B / GTE calipers, like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRAKE-CALIPER-BENDIX-691758B-OPEL-ASCONA-MANTA/312005140504?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144

Thats fine (I assume they would be an improvement over the standard calipers?), apart from the fact that at the moment I cant shift the two cap head bolts holding them to the car (10 mm hex). Can anyone offer any help or advice please?

I had a bit of a go at them this morning, but nothing too serious - so I just left them soaking in some penetrating fluid, vowing to return another day with more enthusiasm and knowledge.

They will both need refurbing, so I need to get them off the car, hence this post.

Thanks in advance.


ps, just had a thought - I have a 10 mm hex on a 3/8" drive, but in my view that seems a bit weedy for the torque I may have to apply to these - so now thinking that a 1/2" drive version of this with my breaker bar might yield results.

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Hi Stu,

Thanks for your reply.

Its actually a cap head bolt with a recessed head (10 mm hex), not a bolt with a visible/external head. For that reason I have ordered a 1/2" drive 10 mm socket bit so that I can use my breaker bar on them. Hopefully that will arrive in a day or two so that I can revisit the job...

You are right though, my friend billy blowtorch should help here too :)

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hi. sorry if this reply crosses into the other thread. not non standard calipers. actually most vauxhalls in the 1980’s have this type of caliper. (delco sliding sleeve) and all share the same brake pad. nova,astra,cavalier,manta carlton .thry work ok when the sliding tubes are not seized up but i would say they are crap compared with the earlier twin piston type .but thats just my opinion.others may disagree.

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