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VDO quartz clock fix


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Looking to the gurus for help again please.

Can anyone direct me towards a fix for the original Cav / Manta B VDO quartz clock?

Mine lights up OK, but the hands don't move at all. I'm guessing somebody must have had a play with one of these before?

I did have a go with the site search function, but I couldn't see anything that helped me.

Thanks in advance.

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To be honest in all the years ive never had one go faulty but obviously anything can. They do seem to demand a good tight connection thou.dont like any voltage drop.if you are convinced yours is definately faulty ( direct connection to a battery etc) then there should be plenty of available ones from members if req .or open it up and see if anything obviously seized due to being unused? . 

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right. ive dug out some clocks and tested them . all work fine so havnt got a faulty one to “mend”. however ive opened it up to help you so here goes......... the clock front just clips on and underneath you have a thin gasket and then the clear lens.these just lift out.

on the back you have two screws to hold the unit in the housing.remove these and pull the innards out.the hands will fall off. 

then there are two more screws on the back and a soldered earth stud with a copper washer around it.remove screws ,gently pull back off whilst touching stud with soldering iron.  innards come out.

there are indeed two 100uf/15v electrolytic capacitors inside .

like i said ive never had a faulty clock in all of 30 years and when clocks didnt work it was never more than a slightly loose connector but obviously anything can fail ,maybee ive just been lucky. who knows. if you now put 12v on it or even a 9v pp3 battery worked on mine you will see the first wheel moving unless it is actually faulty. someone suggested replacing the capacitors and you could try that if you can or wish to.otherwise its replacement clock or innards time. hope this helps. cheers and good luck. chris. 

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OK tested my clock and it is definitely dead.

With the thing dismantled and 12v positive and negative connected, nothing turns in the back at all. Oh well, I learnt a bit finding out.

Perhaps CIH / Chris would like to sell me one of his working clocks... :D :rolleyes:

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