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Hello everybody

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Hi everyone, just joined and have to say the site looks fantastic, and i havn't even upgraded yet:-)

I have owned 2 mantas in my lifetime but sadly both are now crushed i believe.

Showing  my age now but i bought my first astro silver 1.8gt manta hatch 25 years ago which was witten off on and then sold on to be repaired but i never seen it again, i then bought another astro silver 2.0 gte hatch both c registrations, i have not owned a manta for almost 2 decades now due to work/travel/life/ company vehicles etc etc but i am thinking of rolling back the years and investing in another manta and i can see i am spoilt for choice and the prices keep rising which is a real treat to see.

I have always wanted to modify a manta for trackday events but the prices to do this seem to be astromical now to enter a car so i may shelve that plan and buy a road version.

Anyway hope to see you all around the forum.



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Hi Saving Mantis,

 Sorry with being a little tardy with a greeting, so welcome to the Manta Club Website.

 If you want a road Manta best advice is buy the very best you can afford, then you won't have any issues to deal with and it is only going to go up in value, and because of this buy sooner rather later or you'll be paying a lot more for the same Manta in a couple of years time.

 As for a track day Manta it is still possible if your prepared for some restoration work, Hatchback Mantas still don't have the appeal of the coupes despite being the same experience from the driving seat, So it is still possible to get a Manta Hatch project at sensible money, it'd need welding at which time track day mods could be done, when your belting around a track you wouldn't know your in a hatch not a coupe.

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