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77 GTE engine swaps ?


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Evening all,

I've got a 1977 GTE rolling shell, this will be a long term project.

Im looking at putting in the X20XE or similar, has anybody got any info on this build or even better a build thread, pictures, issues?

if there is an easier swap out there id be open to options also.



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Is that a fingertoobig, mistake or is it a 77 gte?

If so why not fit a later gte in it, restore the car, not modify it, it will at the end of the day be of more benefit if you where to sell. An original car will always be worth more. Because a gte 77 is a rareish manta

You could get it up and running 2.0 injection, then modify it, upgrade it, ss exhaust, 4 branch, twin 45s, they are tuneable in stages, drive and upgrade.

Redtop vauxhall, get a nice bank manager, standard manta bits needed are not cheap, either or redtops, to get major power, rob the bank!

Or why stop at opel, bmw 6 cylinder, nissan, volvo t5 :P remember these bays are big, tunnels are ok to, so something standard, but with big bhp through its own gearbox. 

Original or modified, respect, its your car, have fun! Thats what it about:thumbup

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somebody will correct me if im wrong but there never was a gte in 1977 so it already is a modified car.the engines available then would have been both cih 1.6 or 1.9 versions only.the 2 litre engine replaced the 1.9 circa 1978 and even then the gte did not come out until 83 with the revised body style.(plastic bumpers /4 slot nose etc)how much complete is yours and what does the log book say ?

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Ur wrong! :P

Gte was available in manta b, single slot, black, or chrome bumpers. Usually with a black bonnet and scuttle panel, and front grill.



If dannyboy has a rhd,, single slot grill, reg 77 with two vents in the scuttle panel, its rare.

They where based on a kadett b, gte, think it was 4 sp gearbag.

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