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Old owner of my car


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E177 tkd  long shot but while sorting out old paper work came from when I bought my manta 12 years ago from Opel fruit on our site. He was from Nottingham and sold it to me for..... £250 . I would like for him to see the car now so if anyone in the club can remember a member called opel fruit ( kev). Please show him the page with my car on it or if you have an e mail Facebook ect I could send him some photos. ☺attached is some of the paper work I printed of in 2006 about the car (sorry if I the wrong section but I wanted non membersto see it too just in case)



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Was it Kev Harnett? and was serving in the RAF? Did he have an A series with a Redtop engine as well. I am sure he was Opel Fruit on the OMOC

If it is I have him as a friend on FB.

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11 hours ago, Mantacol said:

Cool if it is him could you sent him a photo of his old car from one of my posts pls . :D:thumbup 

Just looked for him on FB and his account has been deactivated :( Last time I saw him (last year) he was living near Stoke. Another one of those friends you know in the Mob, and only means of connection is FB.

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