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Ebay: 1980(V) Cavalier 1600GLS Sportshatch

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This one looks pretty good, or at least it does externally:


Nothing too serious on the MOT advisories.

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Sure this was for sale not too long ago, seem to remember the bonnet pins, but I am on owd giffer so my mind is dull.

Missing the wheel arch trims & all the badges from the rear so maybe has had some work. (the Vauxhall badge is from a later model, should have individual letters)

I bet that red colour would come up cracking with a T Cut & re-polish.

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Yep my old car i sold many moons ago in 2011. It has been resprayed since but is a good car that was neglected after i sold it but has had some money chucked at it recently.

Badges were removed by previous owner whilst it was prepped for respray but never put back on.

I sold it for £950 in January 2011, the only thing wrong with it then was a small amount of grot in one arch & around the fuel filler cap plus it needed a respray due to paint fade.

Sold for £1252 in March 2017

Looking at the present advert it looks like it only needs a small amount of work to get it back to show standard, e.g. repaint the rostyles .

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I just think that a starting bid of £3500 is unrealistic, sometimes when you see a car sell with one bid its because the seller gets a mate to bid on it to get the auction going.

I know this car well & its a good car but realistically in its present condition if it was put on with a low starting bid it could make around £2K 

Still a healthy profit for the present owner 


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