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I've been away for a few years but I've still got my manta A and just renewed my membership.

The old lady Passed it's mot today but I have a few jobs to do on it to bring it back up to it former glory. So il be asking parts advice in due time.

is there much going on in the Devon area,?


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Hi Stuart

Welcome back to the club. I'm the rep for the West Country & South Wales & live in Bristol & James Sene is the rep for the South West & lives near Newton Abbott.

There are some members that live around the Exeter area & we plan on having a club stand at the annual Powderham Castle show near Exeter over the weekend of 7th & 8th July this year. If you are interested in joining us then let me know.

Can you get some pics up of your car ?

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Good evening.

iv met james before and had a chat with a few members at powderham two years ago. But didn't see them at the show last year.

I should be there again this year messing around with steam engines il book the on the club stand !!

il have to search out some  more pictures. I bought the car back in 2006 from Essex red back then. 

Been to billing a few times but not for a many years now.



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53 minutes ago, Rapierdave said:

We couldn't make Powderham last year due to the date clashing with the new VBOA show venue at Market Harborough but luckily they dont this year.

Nice A by the way.

Thanks. If you could put me on the list for the club stand at powerham that would be fab. 

Im involved  with a vintage rally myself  and run the car and motorcycle sections. If you would be interested in having a club stand, or individual entry’s 

Held at smeathorpe runway,  Honiton.

August Bank holiday weekend Sunday  and Monday 


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13 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Nice wee car, do you run an lsd? What ignition setup do you use for the carbed xe?

Really nice wheels, centres similar to ats classic wheels, are they 15' would suit a b too


No it hasn’t got lsd but would be nice one day. 

Ignition I’m running is megajolt seems to work fine. 

The wheels are rota 15” can’t remember the style name they could do with a referb 



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On 4-2-2018 at 09:54, stuart h said:

The wheels are rota 15” can’t remember the style name they could do with a referb 

I think they might be BM8 / Shakotan.





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