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A Series - Coat hooks and fuel filler cap


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 I am completely stripping my A series and have got it mostly in parts but have a couple of trivial bits which are stuck. So this could possibly be the most basic help asked for on here but I want to know how they are supposed to come off so i can try and take them off without breaking them!

First one is the coat hooks which are in the headliner. They have a plastic round lump which looks like it is either a screw cover or maybe a push pin? It doesn't want to come out on either hook and i am likely to mangle them if i go much further trying to lever it out so just wanted to check i am not missing something?

Second is even more basic, I cannot get the fuel filler cap off! The car has been off the road since 89 and is in a bad way. The filler cap has a lock and the key turns the lock but the cap will not turn. The problem is i don't know which way the key turns for locked / unlocked and which way to turn the cap to undo it. Rather than forcing a locked cap in the wrong direction i thought i would ask the question. It is a berlinetta registered nov 72 if that makes any difference.

I will start a project page in the not too distant future i promise.

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The coat hooks have a little plastic pin in the middle that pushes inwards and then you can remove the coat hook. You should be able to push it far enough in without pushing it right out the back and still get them out. You will see when you have it out that the coat hook fits in and then when you push the pin in and it splays it out so it won't come out. I hope that makes sense? if not i can have a look tomorrow as i should have a spare one that i can take a pic for you to see. use a bit of plastic or wood to push it in as then you won't mark it.



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