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Opel Oldies On Tour

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On 4/30/2018 at 21:36, IanMc said:

Superb, there is some wonderful cars there.

I always fancied an Opel GT, maybe one day...

I have almost bought an Opel GT on a few occasions. Opted for a P1800s instead first trime and a Chevrolet Corvair (rear engined and air cooled) the second time.   I regret my choices now .

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No sooner said than done ! My Corvair was a 65 Corsa model which was even rarer than the standard one.  One of the best handling classics I have had. Enjoy the pictures.






















And  tiny bit of Manta A from the front :-) 

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To be honest, after missing out on the Manta A needing work that went for 1100 pounds on ebay a few months before I found the Corvair in Northampton. And the front view and rear lights reminded me of the Manta A which is why i bought it. I learnt a lot about these cars and the pictures you see are how the car was during its restoration.    Also , It had the "CORSA" logo on the front wings and yes, many times people would comment on how beautiful Vauxhall had originally made the Corsa and how it had lost it's appeal over time :-)

You see, no-one knows that Americans made rear engined and air cooled cars.. And here is something else for the purists on here. The Chevrolet Corvair missed out by two months on being the first production Turbocharged car when the early model Turbo was released in 1961.  The Corsa model I had was originally a turbocharged car and the Turbo used the blow-through method where the carb sat to the side of the Turbo. Very primitive but enough for 180BHP in 1965.



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Different looking car, the rear looks longer than a manta front? HGV needed?

Very interesting being air cooled, rear engined and american, different a good looking car 60s car, interesting too, regarding turbo possibility and 180 bhp! Good stuff, 

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