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Spring weekend with the 400Club

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Some pics from the smartphone:













We had a great time, nice weather and I think a lot of "facebook-fans" cause we saw a lot of thumbs going up...



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Very nice pics, herman. didnt know an ascona 400 came fitted with factory fitted sunroof. Weird, seen a single slot manta b before with one fitted, 

Would be great so see or read an article about each of these cars listing mods, etc and a bit of history about them. 

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The Manta-400 was available with factory-sunroof, 100% sure there I know some owners.

Not sure the Ascona-400 was available with it, saw also the pic I posted but never noticed it...

Think it will have not the same influence there we don't drive them daily and store them in a dry garage.

I have a electronical air-dryer with a humidity sensor to keep the car dry, even naked steel can't rust where the car is stored.

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Thanks for the nice comments. Gonna visit this weekend a big Opel meeting in Sevenum, Holland. 

Got to do this cause it wil be maybe the last chance to go to a meeting. This year I took the "400" only 3 times out, too busy and 

always at work. Got to enjoy the car more! Will take pics ofcourse!

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