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Saying Hello, Manta B SR is alive again !!


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So after 10 years of life getting in the way I finally dug the Manta B out of the garage.

Shes not faired to badly and after draining the tank and fitting a decent battery she even started !

Going to have to do quite a bit needs all suspension bushes replaced and obviously the brakes checked out but other than that everything seems to work ok suprisingly !

Any recommendations on the best options for a full set of bushes would be appreciated 

Thanks all

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That’s a shame because generally gm bushes especially on our models seem to be very hard wearing in my experience with only ever having issues with the front anti roll bar post rubbers and that’s mainly cos the bolts snap easily if left to go rusty.

what makes you think they are all u/s .have they been oil soaked or subject to any other extremes ? 

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I took it for a quick drive to a mates house, about a mile away, felt very wierd !

Not very positive on the straights or corners Ive assumed bushes as the car is now 41 years old, could be the tyres I suppose, when I have a minite I will investigate further

Wheres the best place to buy parts from these days ? need a few things, both rear brake cylinders weeping slightly and stearing gators perished lol

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Its a matter of preferance realy where to buy parts. Personally i find everything i need on ebay .the gaitors are an item that need checking regularly and depending on the quality of replacements can last anything from a couple of years for thin cheapo ones or 10 years plus for good ones. The supra or qh ones did used to be the better ones and can still be found occasionally. Just replace them now with whetever you can find and then keep a stock of better ones as you find them later.

rear wheel cylinders are easy to find just make sure you get a matching pair of 19mm bore .

as for the bushes .again its a matter of preferance or personal experience. I find the original gm bushes on all the arms very long lasting and if anything they tend to firm-up with age rather than go soft.a lot of people replace them with poly.i have never and dont intend to.as they can make the suspention a bit harsh and these cars were designed to be soft cruisers and still handle well ,within their limits..same applies to the springs and shock absorbers.gm would have spent ages in design and i prefer to have mine with original spec suspention. Putting firmer items on may well make the cars handle better but at the expense of a very hard and uncomfortable ride.some people will not mind this and therefeore will say its not a problem .

please examine all the bushes carefully before condemning them and dont be surprised to find issues with only the front anti roll bar posts or maybee the rear panhard rod end mounts.

old ,hardened -up tyres can definately make an otherwise good set up car feel bad but so can wrong tyre pressures or even slightly sticking brakes.

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