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Ebay: 83A Berlinetta Hatch for sale

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2 hours ago, mantasrme said:

You know its a basket case when the lower front suspension arm has rotted through and collapsed :blink:

Ha Ha me and Kev were laughing at that the other night. Its even rotten on the side and in places they don't usually go. HANDLE WITH CARE 

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I got an envelope of paperwork with the last MOT cert present that expired feb 2004.


It was laid up at that point, in Seaton which is rather coastal !  Sea air and time have really rotted it out.

I have not unloaded it yet, I suspect I might have to forklift it off as it wont roll easily.  Its full of rodent nests and is collapsing around itself. its left a "Turin Shroud" of rust on the lorry bed.

It non sunroof and the roof is not rusty at all which is nice, as far as I can tell its got the 1800 bits I need for my 1800, I have not seen the engine yet because I cant open the bonnet.

I am going to get a look next week so I will update then.


Edit : had 5 minutes to poke it a bit, went to open the drivers door and the outer skin came off in my hand.


I then went to the other side and discovered that door is pristine apart from on chocolate digestive size patch of snot in the lower left corner, which is fixable. 






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