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Manta 400 Project & Parts

E416 PBO

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Quick Question...

After 13 years of collecting some rare rare items to build a near genuine Manta 400, circumstances have chance resulting in me having to go down the route of selling all to fund another project...

Would you advise I sell car with parts as a complete package or sell parts separately?

Car is a 2.0 GT/E with rust in all usual areas.

Parts vary from Ronal 8" wheels, 400 rear axle, Blitz interior, green glass etc...

All views/opinions are appreciated

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easier to sell as complete package but i suspect you would probably get more money selling bits off the only danger is getting left with the bits that are common.

difficult to know what would best route a lot would depend on how quick you need to sell

if you decide to split would be very interested what 400 bits you have got 


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Few things to note..

Parts are in Ireland..

Some of them cost me a small fortune so I'll be trying to recoup what I can.

Here's a quick list - I'm sure I'm leaving out things..

87 Manta - usual rust with Irish registration (I bought it in UK in 2005)

New Irmscher Manta 400 kit

15" x 8" wheels (2 off)   Genuine 400

15" x 7" wheels (2 off)   Genuine 400

Manta 400 axle with all brake assemblies five stud hubs, half shafts, limited slip differential (45% I think from memory)

rear axle mounts removed from Opel Commodore to weld to Manta floor to give authentic look instead of fabricated parts

2 x front five stud hubs with brake assemblies

4 x New Irmscher Manta 400 Springs (in box)

1 x Manta 400 three piece spoiler (no dips)

full set of green tented glass (as per original 400)

set of Irmscher twin lights (very good condition)

genuine Irmscher Manta 400 rear bumper (number plate sits into it)

new rear infill panel

Genuine i200 seats (blitz) note rears are damaged

Genuine 400 3 spoke steering wheel (excellent condition)

2.0 CIH bare engine

2.4 CIH engine fitted & running

Lexmaul Inlet Manifold

Four branch exhaust manifold (steel)

Stainless steel exhaust system

New Genuine Engelmann Mirrors & rubber mount gaskets

New Cam cover with 2.4 CIH

New old stock Opel Manta under engine guard (steel)

I hope this list gives you an idea of what sort of stuff I have. In my view, it has the vast vast majority of items to turn the car into an almost genuine road going Manta 400.

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