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Breaking 1.8gt hatch


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I recently Purchased a 1.8 gt hatch.  The and gearbox are being used for an xe conversion on my coupe. It's rotten so I am breaking it

Everything else is available .

It is fitted with exclusive rear bumper and infill panel as well as exclusive steering wheel and white GTE wheels

I also have a GTE 5 speed box I was keeping as a spare and a GTE cih engine (head removed for inspection) 


In a few weeks I will have the GTE engine and box out of my coupe. It can be heard running before its removed

I will picture any parts on request.

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What is the hatch boot lid like ?

More importantly, if it is rusty can you look in the bottom right hand corner by the window and see if that part is rusty please ?


If I the corner is any good would you be able to cut a chunk out of it please ?

I have a car here with almost no rust apart from a bloody big hole in the bottom right corner of the screen. I want to find a good corner section so I can cut out this rot and put a good section in. It s a lot of work but the rest of the boot lid is clean and rust free. No idea why this bit went so bad.

Im heading to the garage later and will take a picture and pop it up on here so you can see how much I need, if you cant help then I will put a wanted ad up using the same pic !

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I've been tied up with work but am off tomorrow so will get pictures and post them up of all areas people have asked about. The car is still on the trailer at the moment untouched.  I will be willing to do cuts of the shell for people. 

The sills and arches are non existent and the bulkhead has holes however the floor and chassis and a and b posts look good. 

The front wings are replacements and are good 

The interior is pretty good and the parcel shelf and boot carpet are all intact. 


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Sorry for the delay in pictures.  Had other car issues to sort out( so called reliable BMW's. Lol)  .i go on holiday tomorrow so will be a week before I get to take good pictures.

In answer to some questions 

The hatch is rotten but the a pillars look good. 

I will know more when I get stripping it 

In the meantime I can say it has good rear quarter trims in grey( same colour as my GTE ones) £25

Irmshcer rear bumper and infill panel £60

Irmscher steering wheel(dents where a crook lock was on it for 14 years!) £25

Parcel shelf in grey all cords intact not cut for speakers and side panels as well £50

Grey boot carpet (mouldy but will clean)£10

Fixed rear quarter windows with rubbers £40 the pair.

Rear screen £10

Rear hatch spoiler all parts.  Peeling paint £10

2.0 GTE cih engine  head off for inspection no manifolds £80

GTE 2.0 gearbox £100

2.0 GTE engine and box complete with uprated alternator and Ashley exhaust manifold ,Carlton 2.2 alloy rocker cover ,all injectors etc( changing to redtop). Can be seen running and I will take you for a test drive if it's sold in the next month. £375

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