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Newbie - pass wing mirror and engine issues


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Hi, I'm completely new to Mantas having been a Capri man for years, but couldn't resist an original survivor GTE that came up for sale recently.

Drove it home yesterday and ran really well, other than it felt like it was missing a bit under load, particularly hills. This was only minor until the end of the road trip (160 miles) when a couple of times I tried accelerating in second and it just died for a few seconds before jerking back into life. I planned to do all the obvious, plugs, leads etc but thought I'd check to see if there are any regular culprits for this problem?

Other question is its not fitted with a passenger door mirror, however the seller included one in a bunch of spares. How hard are they to fit? There is just a blanking plate there at the moment.

The drivers side mirror also blows in at high speed, any tips to get it to stay put?

Cheers guys, love the car!


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Hi Kevlar,

i did exactly the same as you are going to do, a blanking plate was on the passenger door and I changed it for a mirror to aid in parking. It’s really easy to change, just remove the door pull handle, interior catch and door card and you will find that the blank is attached to a long curved guide inside the door and secured with a small screw on the back of the blank and one at the bottom of the guide, just swap them out, they lift up and out, the glass can still remain in just make sure the glass is properly located inside the new guide. I found the plastic surround on the door catch awkward to remove as I was scared of it being brittle with time and maybe breaking with leverage but it was ok.

regarding the problem with your drivers mirror, all will be fine if you keep your speed below 100mph!

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Remove the mirror glass casing from the door mounting ( one screw/bolt underneath) find a washer or two think I drilled through a 2p coin use this to pack out between the casing and mount and refit only problem it will be fixed in the position you put it in.it worked for me and it only cost 2p.as for the running problem could be coil Breaking down under load fuel starvation is it carb or injection?.

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Also be aware that if your car has a blank corner piece where the mirrir mounts you will need a corner piece with the hole and mounting recess in it. 

The replies above are explaining how to change this section over. Very easy realy so long as you actuslly have this piece and not just a mirror ! .

in an emergency and i suppose as a temporary measure you could drill your existing corner piece but the proper one has a recess for the mirror mounting to fit into to stop it twisting. All will become obvious in the end or compare with the drivers side for reference.

As regards the running issue. Do the normal service itrms first for peace of mind and to eliminate them ( including fuel filter) . 

Then see how it runs and take it from there. Problem may well be solved by then

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Thanks for the responses...just waiting on an electrical service kit to come in the post so hopefully that will cure it. 

Just stripped the door panel down and indeed just worked out I need the trim piece! Are they easy to obtain? Will have a look on ebay now of course. Will join up!

Cheers, Kev

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