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Upper suspension arm spacer positions (both sides)


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Hi guys,

When I turned the car around on the driveway the other weekend, I felt that something want quite right with the steering geometry. The car felt like it was kind of dragging one wheel around. At the time  put this down to simply needing to retrack it after find new TRE's on each side.

It seems as though the problem is more basic than that, basically I have assembled the top suspension arm spacers on one side wrongly i.e. large (thick) at the front of the car and thin at the rear on one side and vice versa for the other side.

Before I start ripping things apart when my hand is better, I just wanted to double check that the diagram in the Haynes manual is correct... This shows the larger, thicker spacer towards the back of the car - is that right?

On a point of detail, when assembled correctly, will the coil spring look to be central as it passes through the top arm?

If anyone has their wheels off at this time, a photo of this area on both sides would be very helpful!

Thanks in advance everyone.

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Hi ian. Just to clarify this further. Both washers on the inner side (touching the crossmember if you like )are the same "thickness" (6mm) but the one that is towards the rear is just a larger diameter. The other two washers ,both large diameter under the actual bolt head and nut are much thinner . The haynes book shows correct locations.

different "thickness" inner washers were available to correct the castor if needed but ive personally never seen a car that didnt have the standard 6mm ones fitted.

And no to your other question. When the arm is down the spring will seem to be closer at one side due to the off centre of the upper arm. 

Providing the spacers are correct ofcourse !

Ps.    I knew you would be playing out soon !       Carefull with that hand 

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Cheers Chris, that also helps a lot :thumbup

I’m not actually doing anything yet, the hand is still way to tender and sore. I would say that another week to ten days should see me back in action - fingers crossed   :lol:

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