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Outside storage car cover


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So the days are getting shorter and wetter as I don't have the luxury of a garage to store my car have had a monsoon cover before not over impressed first two(returned) leaked the third lasted barely 18 months before ripping itself apart.ebay is awash with covers from cheap and nasty to silly money  any recommendations on a car cover?.

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Seen one made with 40ft curtain sider material, a A frame, simple angle iron, and two sliding frame rails off trailer back to back at the peak, the angle iron was used to stop the cover touching the car.

The curtain sider was then strapped into floor level angle iron, with curtain sider ratched things! 

Front gable was cable tied,  back was reused rachet strap. 

Very cheap, but 100% dry.

I got mine from a trailer repair company for nothing, just cut half of one side to fit, hurricane proof! Wasnt too worried about paint as car is getting fully restored, cut cardboard templates for windows, cardboard remained dry 5 months over the winter. 100% waterproof, 

As for outside car covers, emm, never seen or heard of a worthwhile one, 


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I have the Auto Storm double cover version from these https://www.autopyjama.com/home-engl/

I have had it 5 years and still going strong even with cats clawing it :angry:. Not cheap but sometimes the expense is necessary. My covers have got extra bungies to hold the covers better as I get a sort of crosswind being a corner house. I mainly use the outer cover more for the winter as extra precaution.

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I had one of their perma bags (not for the car but the motor bike) and keep that outside all winter and i was bone dry and there little canisters keep it moisture free. Never had any of the condensation that i use to get in the garage when it was in its bag.

Expensive but very good. Think if you had one for the car it would be worth having the soft inner cover to stop any rubbing.


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