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Anyone have a tried and tested setup for a suspention kit on a 400r .

I put lowering springs 50mm on the car and it is fantastic on the smooth roads and track , BUT in the real world in the roads on Anglesy its sooooo hard and not nice to drive, I would like shocks and springs for the vehicle that still keep a nice drive feel on a normal road .

Thanks all



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Search here for old style mini shocks, shorter than standard manta, therefore not as hard as bilstens etc.

Look for a same length standard spring, as the 50mm drop spring. Or

The mini shock will cure the axle drop standard cut spring , issue. 

the drop spring will always be harder due to closeness off coil, if you fit a same height spring but with a larger space between the coils. 

up front, a standard spring, with a shorter mini shock.

ive yet to check out this mini shock idea, as ive only read about it on here


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Often lowering them too much gets the front bump stops hitting the lower arms over bumps. You can shorten the bumpstop towers to move the rubber further away from the arm thus giving more travel before hitting.

Or you can put standard height springs in.

Personally i like standard height GT/e springs, preferable 400lbs up front with standard rears and a full set of Bilstein dampers. That makes a manta really handle B)

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