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Stalks - Wiring for lights, flashers and wipers


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New here and after a little advice on a friend's '88 Manta hatch.

I'm currently rewiring it, and can't make sense of any diagrams I come across online.

Looking at the plugs for the stalks, I have gotten this far:

BLK/WHT NS Indicators

BLK/GRN OS Indicators

BLK/WHT/GRN Indicator power in?

RED Presumably power in for the stalks?

BRN/YEL Presumably ground?

BLK No idea sorry


WHT Not sure, sidelights maybe?

YEL Dipped beam / Tail lights

YEL/WHT Main Beam

BRN/WHT Presumably ground for this bit?


At the wiper motor :

WHT/BLK in a black sheath, ground

YEL Low speed

WHT 'Normal' speed

GRN No idea

PUR no idea

Any help greatly appreciated, the engine side was obviously easy enough but struggling a bit here, thanks.

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